Kasegenya & Co began as an auditing firm, in 1993, providing accounting and financial management services. Over the years, the company has grown to a medium-sized firm providing financial, accounting, auditing, and tax services to clientele that span across the international private and public sectors.

We have confidence in our ability to be a firm that understands the challenges you face, while addressing those challenges in a way that ensures your company meets all of its objectives. Our firm is one that is always accessible, will provide timely attention and responsiveness to the accounting, tax and all business issues facing your company. Our team will provide innovative and proactive advice to support your management team in responding to both existing and new trials.

Popular Services

Auditing Services

A professional audit is key to receiving constructive criticism and recommendations for how your company may enhance its financial and operational controls.

Accounting Services

Whether beginning from a bag of receipts or well-organized-computerized data, an accountant can work with you to get all of your financial affairs into order for internal and external reporting.

Tax Preperation & Filing

A tax consultant can ensure that your company does not overpay its tax liability. The firm can also provide a guarantee that your company has complied with all Government of Tanzania tax laws efficiently and effectively during preparation, filing, and follow-up.

Financial Advising

Not sure whether you have the capital to invest in further ventures? Wondering how you can make your financial accounts less time consuming and more effective? Enlist an experienced Accounting firm to make your options clear.

Forensic Accounting

Has your company experienced theft or fraud? Does the company require financial reports that can support court litigation? A certified public accounting firm can provide the expert evidence and forensic accounting to support your case.

Payroll Services

From set-up to management—an accounting firm may provide full or partial payroll services for your company. This can also include preparing and filing payroll-related returns with the respective authorities.

Company Secretary

A Certified Public Auditor can assist you with the registration of your company, and also be the acting Company Secretary for official business.

Business Plans

A Certified Public Auditor can assist you in preparing a professional business plan to present to investors, bankers, and even potential partners!

“Years of Experience for Your Success”

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